South Korea

South Korea

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  • Pray for the new year at Bongeunsa Temple - a quiet temple in the heart of Seoul capital
  • Experience learning how to make kimchi and wear Korean traditional Hanbok
  • Drop souls into the fine lines straight on the beautiful island of Nami.
  • Discover and play at Everland
  • Top 10 most attractive amusement parks in the world.
  • Enjoy shopping with popular Korean beauty and health care products.


  • Spicy and light Korean food is relatively difficult to eat for Vietnamese people, if you really can't eat much, bring a little snacks to help with hunger.
  • Shoes should wear sports shoes and low-heeled sandals for ease of movement and walking.
  • Also, do not forget to prepare some kinds of abdominal pain, flu, allergy, sunscreen, ...

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