Singapore Tour


  • Participate in exciting entertainment programs
  • Visit the ancient city of Malacca, and the city on some Genting (Malaysia)
  • Discover a garden of unique energy plants - discover S.E.A Aquarium aquarium
  • Come together with the beautiful and green Gardens by the Bay - a masterpiece in architecture, design and engineering.
  • Explore Sentosa
  • The Island of Joy, where the fun is always endless and there's no room for boredom
  • Enjoy the beautiful symphony of laser light blending with the fun sounds of the water rays at the Marina Bay Sands Spectra Show
  • Comfortable shopping at major shopping centers of Singapore


  • Don't forget to bring a hat to play
  • Sports shoes are also essential items. Because you will have to walk a lot. Should not wear slippers. Hard sandals, you can wear for 1 day will suffer from foot pain.
  • At the crossing points, you should wait for the green signal to allow you to cross the road, and you should go to the right lane for pedestrians.
  • Pay the price when buying goods at: shops, markets. If the seller wears a staff card, the place cannot pay the price.
  • Must thoroughly inspect the item and pay the price when buying goods: jewelry, precious stones

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