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  • Pilgrimage to Myanmar Buddhist country in Lunar New Year 2019 to pray for good luck and peace for the new year.
  • Admire the Shwedagon golden pagoda boasting a tower of 60 tons of pure gold, a sacred temple that houses eight hairs of Buddha.
  • Visit famous pagodas and pagodas, discover the unique beauty of the sacred gold stone «Golden Rock» on the cliffs, Shwemawdaw pagoda - the place to keep Buddha relics ...
  • Enjoy the beautiful sunrise at Golden Rock.
  • Discover the unique, peaceful beauty of the Burmese country in the bustling ancient capital of Yangon and the ancient city of Bago.


  • Tourists should ask for a price, bargain when buying, even in stores with price listing
  • Do not buy ancient Buddha statues or old-looking Buddha statues, Myanmar Customs will keep.
  • If it is jewelry, you should buy it at licensed stores and keep the receipt.
  • When entering Buddhist temples, you must not wear hats, socks and any type of footwear

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